Packaging and lamination films

The department offers films for lamination (BOPP, BOPET) and packaging films (BOPP, BOPET, PET) designed for offset and flexographic production. The assortment has been divided into four product groups so that the necessary information can be easily found.

Thermo lamination films

Thermal insulation (hot foil coating) is a printing finishing technique consisting in covering paper or cardboard substrates with a thin film coating. Thanks to the use of foil, prints can be given specific visual values, ranging from gloss effect, matt, to metallic effects or structures. The use of foil for lamination also increases the functional values, significantly improving their resistance to abrasion, scratching and protecting them against the negative impact of such factors as moisture, grease, acids or alkalis.


Thick films

The group of thick films includes various types of films produced on the basis of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The films offered by us are used, among others, in the production of complete thermoformed and die-cut packaging, packaging elements such as windows, blisters, as well as in the production of insulation elements for electrical equipment. The wide use of PET film results from its very good properties. Particularly important is high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, flexibility, transparency and good barrier properties. The films can be recycled.

  • A-PET
  • R-PET

General packaging films

General purpose foils for the production of packaging and labels based on BOPET and BOPP. Designed for wet lamination with paper and cardboard sheets, for the production of flexible multilayer packaging such as food packaging for biscuits, frozen food, for the production of wrap-around labels. The films are available in a chemically and corona activated version, not activated, as transparent, pearl, metallized and diffractive films. The foils enable offset and flexographic printing.


Sealable films

The group includes BOPP (polypropylene) based, biaxially oriented films with heatsealable properties - heatseal. Depending on the version, they can be used for the production of laminated packaging, flowpack, HFFS, VFFS and labels. The foils are used in the production of food packaging, also in a version with a reduced seal temperature or cold - coldseal (a prerequisite for packaging e.g. chocolate products). They are available in transparent, white, pearl and metallized versions. Foils with corona activation enable printing and lamination.


Printing materials and consumables

Products from our department are mainly used in offset printing and finishing. Among the best quality printing materials are multicoloured paints, cold and hot stamping foils, as well as varnishes and rubber.

Hot stamping films

Foils for hot stamping (also called hot stamping, thermo-printing or hot prints), thanks to their high quality visual effect and wide range of colours, are designed for refining packaging, labels, greeting cards, book and magazine covers, etc. The foil has an adhesive layer, which is activated during the process of high temperature stamping. The foil in its construction has an adhesive layer, which is activated during the pressing process at high temperature. Our offer includes films with metallic, pigment and diffraction effects.

  • Metallic foils
  • Diffractive foils
  • Pigment foils

Cold stamping films

Cold stamping is one of the latest finishing techniques. As in the case of hot stamping, cold stamping makes it possible to enhance and highlight the aesthetic qualities of the surface by giving it a high quality metallic effect. The main advantage of cold stamping film is that it can be applied in one process together with printing, the instrument can be prepared faster and there is no need to use expensive dies.

  • Cold Flexo foils
  • Cold Offset foils


In the hot stamping process, the key element is the matrix, which during the stamping process is responsible for the appropriate transfer of heat and compression force to the pressed surface. The pattern on the die determines the shape and structure of the pressed image. The matrices can be used both for pressing with coloured foils (hot stamping), as well as for making a subtle dry piston, i.e. embossing the printing substrate without the application of foil. The production of matrices takes place in the process of etching (magnesium, zinc) or engraving (brass matrices).

  • Engraved dies
  • Plates and chemicals


The main purpose of varnishing is to visually emphasize the varnished surfaces, giving them special aesthetic features and protecting them against mechanical damage such as abrasion or scratching. Depending on the type of lacquer used, we can obtain a surface which, in addition to being glossy, satin or matt, can also be perfectly smooth, rough or even have a structure. In our offer you will find oil, dispersion (water), UV varnishes.

  • Additives for UV varnishes
  • Water-based varnishes
  • Additives for water-based varnishes
  • UV varnishes

Printing blankets and varnishing plates

The right choice and high standard of raw materials and materials used in production is a prerequisite for success. Offset covers and varnishing plates are the last elements of the printing machine. They are responsible for transferring to paper the sum of the effects and results of all previous efforts and efforts. The right choice of offset blankets and varnishing plates has a significant impact on the final result of the offset reproduction process.

  • UV energy curable (UV) blankets for sheetfed
  • Blankets for heat-set web printing
  • Conventional offset blankets for sheetfed
  • Coating strippable blankets for sheetfed
  • Self-adhesive blankets for offset


Ink is the basis of every print. It is important to adjust the properties of inks to the requirements of offset printing technology, ensuring their proper transfer through the printing form to the substrate. We offer offset inks (conventional/UV), low-migration inks and special inks for various printing techniques.

  • Food packaging inks
  • Metallised inks
  • Process inks
  • Special tones of inks

Printing chemistry

Offset printing, due to the complexity of the process itself, as well as the wide variety of machines, printing substrates and consumables used, requires the use of precisely selected printing chemistry. In our offer you will find products of renowned European concerns, whose competence and high quality of products have been ensuring failure-free and efficient operation of many printing houses in Poland and worldwide for many years.

  • Fountain solution additives
  • Spray powders
  • Washes

Accessories and various products

When choosing accessories and consumables for you, we focus on their quality. Although many of these materials, due to their nature, are periodically exchanged, we believe that their precision, functionality and durability allow you to forget about everyday matters and focus on the real challenges that you encounter in your work every day. We offer you printing accessories, operating accessories for machines and accessories for hot stamping.

  • Machine accessories
  • Hot stamping accessories
  • Printing accessories