The main purpose of varnishing is to visually emphasize the varnished surfaces, giving them special aesthetic features and protecting them against mechanical damage such as abrasion or scratching. Depending on the type of lacquer used, we can obtain a surface which, in addition to being glossy, satin or matt, can also be perfectly smooth, rough or even have a structure. In our offer you will find oil, dispersion (water), UV varnishes.

Water-based varnishes

The key advantages of dispersion varnishes are the ease of application through various techniques, low odor and negligible environmental impact. From economic perspective, the product's particularly important advantage is very quick curing that makes it possible to promptly commence post-press processing.

E/GV 1649

Very glossy water-based varnish, exhibits good slip and rub resistance.

E/GV 3613

Glossy, low-migration, water-based and high scratch resistance. The varnish is approved for direct contact with food.

E/GV 3400

Glossy, water-based, quickly curing varnish with good scratch resistance. Dual side varnishing may be possible, after confirming this in production tests.

E/GV 1600

High gloss, low slip water-based varnish with high rub resistance.